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Who We Are

Sustainability begins with sustaining the environment, our local communities, and our people.

R&L’s corporate mission is to contribute to the fight against climate change and the depletion of natural resources by accelerating the impact of solar power generation in the Asia-Pacific region. As a pure renewable energy player, with vast experience across APAC, we play a leading role in decarbonizing the economy through the generation of clean renewable energy. We are committed to working together with local communities to preserve the environment and enable a virtuous local economic development.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability remains the centerpiece of R&L Solar Solutions’ corporate strategy, as we operate to deliver benefits and results to our employees, suppliers, counterparties, investors, partners and, especially, to the environment and the communities that host our projects. We are committed to investing in green, sustainable projects and activities that drive the transition to a low-carbon and circular economy.

Mechanical Engineering

R&L Solar Solutions handles the complete engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of our projects. By centralizing these functions and leveraging deep local and international expertise, we effectively manage risk and position ourselves as one of the most cost-effective EPCs in Japan and APAC. Using advanced technologies in project development and management, we ensure high energy yields and cost-efficient O&M services.

Our Capabilities

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Construction Management

Thanks to our geographically advanced experience, R&L Solar Solutions’ construction engineers and professionals are able to scale quickly to meet a wide range of project, site, and construction challenges.

Yellow Passage

R&L Solar Solutions’ experts produce all designs in-house, which reduces project development times and ensures maximum yields. Our experienced engineers optimize our projects to achieve a well-balanced CAPEX and OPEX – valuable to our clients when evaluating projects from both development and investment viewpoints.

System Design

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