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Vertical Installation

The vertical installation is also known as “Solar Fence”. An innovative counter-design to conventional PV systems: instead of placing the PV modules flat or at an angle, they are mounted vertically, which opens up completely new perspectives for photovoltaic use.


Optimized East-West Facing Modules

Up to 15% Higher Energy Production with Bifacial Technology

The two sides of the modules are facing East and West, leading to a peak in energy generation during mid-morning and in the evening. Depending on the bifacial module in use, up to 15% higher energy production can be achieved. This means that our plants are already one step ahead of classical south-facing plants in terms of technical additional yields.


The key idea behind the concept is the vertical placement of solar modules, which can utilize solar radiation from both sides. The bifacial modules face east and west. This means that electricity is generated primarily in the morning and evening.

Vertical Solar
Module Placement

Morning and Evening Energy Generation

with Bifacial Modules

Graphics of what is possible with Vertical Solar

Sound Barrier &
Sustainable Energy

Combining Noise Reduction with

Renewable Energy Generation

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