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Solar Power Station

Agri Solar

Increase Crop Yield and Sustainability with Agri-PV:

Shade crops for healthy growth and higher yields!

Agri-PV systems enable farmers to use land for both energy production and crop cultivation simultaneously. Our Agri-PV solutions enhance land use efficiency and facilitate the expansion of PV energy generation while preserving agricultural land and creating biodiverse habitats. The custom design of our Agri-PV system and the use of semi-transparent modules allow for the adjustment of sunlight levels for specific crops.

For paralle use

Picture Agri Solar
Picture Agri Solar
Picture Agri Solar
Picture Agri Solar

For dual use

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Agri-Solar PV systems improve crop yields and provide advanced protection against adverse weather conditions.

They mitigate potential damage to crops from intense sunlight, heavy rain, and hail, ensuring more resilient agricultural production.

Our Agri-PV systems create ideal conditions for growing delicate crops and expand the range of profitable agricultural products in a region.

Additionally, they eliminate the need for plastic films, reducing costs, labor, and plastic waste, thus promoting environmental conservation.

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