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Uwe is a German-educated Engineer, graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Machine Tools Engineering, having worked 3 decades as Service Manager in Japan and with 20 years’ experience in the Photovoltaic (PV) industry. His work throughout Asia and Europe has established him as a world-acclaimed engineer in the PV field and a considered expert in a technology-based industry that is fast developing and emerging across the globe-as renewable becomes a highly sought –after and vital social necessity. His cutting-edge knowledge and leadership sees him as an industry expert and an exemplary advocate of solar energy.

Signature Uwe Rosenkranz CEO from R&L Co., Ldt.

R&L Solar Solutions recognizes that the successful delivery of a project is reliant on the performance of the team involved. With this in mind, R&L Solar Solutions directly employs all staff, including laborers, operators, electricians, and supervisors to enable our core values to be instilled in our staff, retain their skills and maintain high quality standards across our projects.


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