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Solar Carport

Solar carports offer dual benefits by providing covered parking spaces and generating renewable energy. R&L distinguishes itself through the implementation of these solutions, maximizing land use efficiency, reducing costs, and demonstrating environmental responsibility. With our expertise, we enable seamless integration and optimal performance, allowing businesses to embrace sustainability while enjoying the benefits of solar energy.

Solar Carport Graphics


  • State-of-the-art foundation technology

  • Single-support design

  • Waterproof sliding system

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The R&L Group offers two types of solar carports in their product line. In addition to the single-row carport, the double-row carport is also available. Both carports have a length of 5.43 meters and a height of 2.10 meters. While our single-row carport can accommodate 6 cars, the double-row carport can accommodate 12 cars.

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