About Us


About Us

R&L Solar Solutions is a global service provider in the field of renewable energy.
Just like the sun, we do not see international borders as barriers, but as something we transcend in everything we do.
From the way we think to the way we operate, our international team, with a global presence, interacts with our customers around the world.
R&L Solar Solutions, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a provider of turnkey EPC and O&M services for both utility- and commercial-scale solar projects.
Since our establishment in 2009 in Tokyo, the company has continuously written its success story in Japan from our very first projects and with many to come.
Along with our customers, we have extended our operation into Australia, Taiwan, Europe, and the Middle East, through operating branches or co-operating with local partners.

Leading Position in the Solar Industry.

R&L is a leader in the deployment of large-scale renewable energy projects, with extensive expertise in feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, procurement, construction execution, and operation and maintenance.
R&L has an enviable track record of partnering with clients to optimise costs and project timelines, leading to faster commissioning without compromising safety and quality.
We bring technical expertise, innovative technologies, and the agility to provide energy solutions from every angle for renewables, Utilities, and Commercial and Industrial business solutions across the Asia-Pacific region.
Our team of dedicated energy experts bring a commitment to safety, performance, and reliability, as well as a desire to drive and embrace changes.

R&L means ‘to deliver’

It is our promise to our customers and a sign of our commitment to become a leading energy solutions provider in APAC.

Innovation guarantees our success

With more than 3,300 MW of experience, in more than 200 projects, across Europe and APAC, we can refer to substantial industry experience, especially in the field of solar power. What sets us apart from our competitors is our passion and the joy we experience with our customers’ success. Through innovation and commitment, we develop solutions together, day-by-day, on the sunny side of the energy transition.No matter how big a challenge may seem, we always find solutions.

German Engineering – Japanese QM – Chinese OEM

The key to our success is combining the latest technologies with unbeatable Japanese Quality Management and cost-effective Original Equipment Manufacturing with our partners in China.