What We Do


From a comprehensive market of options, R&L Solar Solutions implements the ideal solutions based on the customers’ needs and the site situations.
With a thorough understanding of the customers’ needs, every project starts with an analysis of the individual situation – The Case Study – allowing us to offer and implement the right solution for the right project.

Roof-top solutions

Thanks to our local sales, and network of installation teams, we are a trusted service provider to our commercial and industrial communities. Our roof-top solutions provide customers with an efficient and cost-effective source of energy and/or income.


The energy balance becomes more and more important for modern companies in times of climatic changes and diminishing energy recourses.
Solar Carports are an ideal solution for solar energy generation on large surfaces. Besides producing energy, Solar Carports offer the convenience of snow-free parking spaces in winter, cool and shady parking spaces in summer, and also providing shelter on rainy days.
Optionally, Solar Carports can also become off-grid charging stations and a source of energy for electric bicycles, scooters, and cars during parking time.


Combining renewable energy generation with the benefits of an attractive, functional greenhouse – offering a wide range of options and features

Whether you are a dedicated amateur or professional gardener, the greenhouse will provide an attractive and multi-functional garden feature, generating both renewable solar power and offering an ideal plant growing environment.

The integrated solar panels can be incorporated on the roof-top, or on the sides, to optimize the power generation with the required light levels.

Solar Sharing

Continue farming while you generate solar energy.
Solar Sharing is bringing forth a new generation of farming.

Agricultural Solar Sharing, known as Agri-PV, is a method that allows solar power generation and agricultural work to be done at the same time and in the same space. It can increase the farmers’ revenue, and helps to solve problems brought about by the abundance of idle land, the aging farmer population, the lack of successors, and the need of green energy.

Floating System – FPV

FPV systems represent an emerging opportunity in which solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are situated directly on top of water bodies, such as lakes, ponds, or reservoirs. Technological advancements and the falling capital costs of PV modules have dramatically increased the cost competitiveness of solar energy over the last several years.
Specific interest in FPV has grown due to competing land-use pressures, renewable energy and energy security goals, power sector resilience motivations, and other benefits associated with FPV.

Mega Solar Parks

We are a trusted partner to the Mega Solar Park owners and customers. Our experienced installation teams work seamlessly with our local partners to ensure perfect installations from the initial feasibility studies, geotechnical and soil surveys, foundation works, and installation works, all the way to the grid connection.
Together with our partners, we can also offer financing alternatives for our turnkey solutions.

R&L Solar Solution – Turnkey Solutions

R&L provide one-stop solutions.
We are self-performing and all key resources, including machinery and equipment, are owned by us.
Our services include:

Design and Engineering

  • 1Design and Engineering
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Topographic Survey
    • Geotechnical Survey
    • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
    • Module Layouts in 3D
    • PVSyst Report
    • Optimized Civil Work, including minimized cut and fill, drainage, and slope protection
    • Single line diagrams
    • Detailed engineering
    • Liaising with Utilities and Authorities
    • Strong ties with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers
    • Bill of Materials (BOM))
  • 2Project Management
    • Experienced Management Team
    • International and Local Standards
    • Resource Planning and Scheduling
    • Documentation
    • HSE and Quality Assurance / Quality Management
  • 3Installation
    • Qualified and experienced installation teams
    • Civil, electrical, and mechanical works
    • Synchronized quality control
    • Regular reporting and KPI review
    • Performance tests
    • Commissioning
  • 4Operation and Maintenance
    • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Preventive Maintenance
    • Corrective Maintenance
    • Module Cleaning
    • Surface Management
    • Thermo-camera inspection
    • Retrofitting