EPC, O&M Services


EPC and O&M Services

As an EPC service provider in the solar sector, we design (Engineering), purchase components and services for (Procurement) and construct (Construction) solar power plants, including the infrastructure.
Our engineers customise each power plant to perfectly suit the customers’ needs and the conditions on-site.
Our experienced team provides the highest-quality components, the latest technology, and financing and budget solutions.
Through our subsidiary company, SEM K.K. (Sustainable Energy Management), our Operations & Maintenance services include:

  • 1Monitoring and Reporting
  • 2Preventive Maintenance
  • 3Corrective Maintenance
  • 4Module Cleaning
  • 5Surface Management
  • 6Thermo-camera inspection
  • 7Retrofitting

Our greatest area of expertise is in utility-scale projects with a capacity of over one megawatt. Our customers include industrial companies, investment firms, and energy suppliers (Utilities and Independent Power Producers). Mining companies, agricultural businesses, and fisheries, also benefit from the reliable supply of energy from our off-grid solutions.