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What We Do

Our Solutions offering

At R & L Solar Solutions we have comprehensive PV Solutions offering on the market.
It’s not just about the number of options, but about understanding and implementing to our customer’s needs.
At R & L Solar Solutions, every project starts with an analysis of the individual situation – The Case Study.

Turn Key Solution

R & L looks after everything. We provide the whole range of professional services.
We are offering a high sophisticated and high performing product, from the planning stage, throughout EPC as well as to Operation and Maintenance.

1Design and Engineering
  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Suitability & Cost Analysis
  3. Geotechnical survey
  4. Site Measurement and land mapping
  5. Digital surface model
  6. Shadow analysis
  7. Thermos - graphical Inspections of Modules and connectors
  8. Customized System Design
  9. Civil Work design including water drainage & service road design
  10. Electrical design and specification
  11. Customer tailored Monitoring and reporting system
2Financial Services
  1. Customized financial packages
  2. Construction financing
  3. Project Financing
3Project Management
  1. Experienced Project Manager
  2. Coordination with Municipalities
  3. Grid approval coordination
  4. International Standards and Quality Management for all phases of the PV project
  5. Performance Test
  6. Commissioning of the plant
  1. Experienced Installers
  2. Installation and commissioning
  3. Regular System inspection and quality control
  4. Regular Training and certification of installer base
  5. Reporting and performance review
5Operation and Maintenance
  1. Comprehensive O&M Service package
  2. Regular Plant inspection
  3. Reporting and performance review
6Additional Services
  1. Geotechnical survey
  2. Plant Measurement and mapping
  3. Thermo -graphical inspection

Mega Solar Parks

Thanks to our local sales and installation network we are a trusted partner to the Mega Solar Park customers, ranging from 50 kw parks to over 50 MW power plants.
Our experienced installation team works seamlessly with our local partner’s to ensure perfect installations, from the very early beginning (feasibility study), geotechnical & soil survey, foundation work till grid connection.
Optional we can offer financial services for our turnkey solutions.

Roof top solutions

Thanks to our local sales and installation network teams we are a trusted partner to the residential and commercial communities.
Our certified partner’s installers work seamlessly with us to ensure perfect installations.
Optionally we can offer financial services for our turnkey solutions.


The energy balance becomes more and more important for modern companies in times of climatic changes and diminishing energy recourses.
Solar Carports are an ideal completion for solar energy generation on big surfaces. The Solar Carport besides energy producing bring Maximum convenience for snow free to parking spaces in winter, and cool, shady parking spaces in summer also protecting in the raining days.

Carport become charging station and source of energy for electric bicycles, scooters and cars

Green House

Combining renewable electricity generation with the benefits of an attractive functional greenhouse Offering a wide range of options & features

Whether you are a dedicated amateur or professional gardener the Greenhouse will provide an attractive and multi-functional garden feature, Generating both renewable solar electricity and offering an ideal plant growing environment.

The integrated solar panel can be incorporated in the roof or sides to optimize the power generation and/or light levels required.