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The basis of solid planning is an exact analysis of local conditions in terms of the location, legal, financial and technical characteristics.. A professional yield analysis is also part of our service, besides the comprehensive Engineering.

Expert’s Reports

Whether for a tracking system or a free-standing park…a ground survey report generally forms the basis for solid planning. If there are no ground analyses available for the selected spaces, our geologists can compile the necessary expert’s reports quickly. Once the local conditions are clearly understood, we can find the right foundation version together with you. Whether earth screw, pile-driven or concrete foundations are used…your plant can only weather any storm with a stable foothold.


Once a suitable surface has been found and if desired, R&L Solar Solution can take on the complete construction planning and construction work and supply you with a turnkey plant.
Depending on the requirements, we compile a team of experienced planning engineers, business economists and project managers to determine the entire processes together with you following comprehensive analysis. The size of the plant, type of modules and the mounting system are determined based on the site. Once these configurations have been determined, all the requisite plans are created: plant layout, foundation & electrical installation plans.
Good planning can then only unfold to its full potential if checks are performed throughout the entire project of whether all the intermediate steps have been performed successfully and on time. If this is not the case, the responsible team responds immediately with tried-and-tested alternative concepts and effective plan adjustments. All to ensure your plant is connected to the grid on time.


This is where our practical experience comes into place. Pile driving, screw or concrete foundation, frame & module installation, electrics, including Master Schedule until Commercial Operation Date (COD).

Earthwork & Site Preparation

Everything from one source?
Of course this also includes the site preparation. Whether it is a case of the clearing of spaces, the creation of buffer areas required by law, foundations for central inverters, the erection of construction roads and material reloading sites… basically everything that belongs to civil works.

Settings up of building sites

On request, we can also set up the building site for you: from the provision of material, recreation and office containers to the setting up of sanitary facilities as well as the connections for tap water, process water and electricity as needed.

Pile-driven Foundations

Pile-driven foundations are the most cost-effective foundation version. With our special pile driving machines we are in a position to insert all conventional profiles in the ground vertically. Whether Schletter, IPE, UPN, Juwi or C-profiles is of no importance.
In class 2-5 grounds, the most popular selection is pile-driven foundations. Our new device even allows us to drill, refill and then pile-drive if there is ever an obstacle in the way.

Screw Foundations

If the ground is very soft or subsequent adjustments need to be taken into account because of ground movements, the choice often falls to earth screw foundations. R&L Solar Solution has a wealth of experience in the installation of all conventional earth screw foundations.

Concrete Foundations

If the ground conditions are not suitable for pile-driven or screw foundations, we employ concrete foundations. These can be arranged very precisely in a previously prepared gravel bed and are used, for example, in disposal sites where seals must not be damaged or there are large obstacles buried in the ground. Even reinforced and unreinforced concrete structures can be partially formed to accommodate special structure requirements.

Rock Drilling

When the going gets tough, we always have the right machine. Our rock drilling machines create space for the foundations. Whether it is for granite, concrete or asphalt, following drilling it can be filled with the drill mix, C16/20 concrete, pagel special mortar or split to ensure the foundation has a proper hold.

Solar Installation

This is where we let our power loose! Even when it’s in a hurry, we always remain cool and precise. We have already realized up to 3 MW a week. Clearly divided into different teams for foundation, frame erection and module installation, we always keep a cool head even in projects which are highly demanding in terms of time and technology.

To ensure your plant is connected to the grid safely, we also take care of all the electrical work. String construction, DC sub distribution, data cables, underground cable, inverter configuration and monitoring. Even if you have planned charging points for electric vehicles or your calculation is based on high personal use, R&L Solar Solution can make your vision reality.

Security Concept

Whether you require a security firm during construction, the erection of fences and gates or remote-controlled alarm technology, R&L Solar Solution creates a personalized security concept for you in order to protect your plant optimally and keep your investment safe. This also allows us to guarantee low insurance premiums and increase the sustainable profitability of the plant even further.

Material Logistics and Waste Disposal

Organization and an overview are an absolute must to ensure that the schedule is never put in jeopardy, especially in time-critical projects. For this reason, we also take care of the complete material logistics. This of course also includes an organized withdrawal and cleaning up of the construction site including proper disposal of waste.